Professional Jeweler Archive: Got a Match?

August 2001


Got a Match?

Industry veterans link retailers and manufacturers to create growth

At the newly formed Kaiser Time, owners Steven Kaiser and Judy Price are placing their decades of industry experience into corporate “matchmaking.”

As former owners of U.S. timepiece distribution for Dior, Delance and Fred Joallier, and after many years overseeing the growth of Baume & Mercier in the U.S., their new venture combines knowledge of the industry’s best retailers, distribution channels and manufacturing sources to provide services for growing or new businesses.

Among Kaiser Time’s services is helping jewelry and watch brands enter a successful retail distribution strategy. “We’ll handle the people, the placement, the importing and even the public relations for a brand,” says Kaiser. “Then we’ll see what they need next.”

For some brands, this could mean hiring a U.S. brand manager or finding a partner they can work with. Kaiser Time is not a distributor, says Kaiser, but can help companies looking for ways to reach retailers.

One client, Ikepod watches, recently looked into establishing new distribution channels. The Swiss brand asked Kaiser Time to review various possibilities after leaving its former U.S. distributor.

Private Labels

For retailers, Kaiser Time can help develop a private-label brand without high up-front costs or high inventory. “We know this is a profitable part of the watch business, but many retailers are wary of private-label brands due to the initial costs required for an opening order,” he says. “We handle the manufacturing, shipping and reorders and we carry the inventory.”

The company also is handling several mergers. “Many firms can work more effectively with strategic partners,” he says.

• Kaiser Time, New York City; (212) 371-5020.

– by Michael Thompson

Steven Kaiser

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