Professional Jeweler Archive: Dot-Com to Not-Com

December 2001


Dot-Com to Not-Com

An Amazon for the real world

What if opened some bricks-and-mortar stores? How would they look? What would they carry? How would they build on the brand?

After a plea from Display & Design Ideas magazine for an “intervention” to save Amazon from founder Jeff Bezos’ online-only vision, several retail designers responded with ideas.

Fitch Worldwide envisioned a sort of bazaar where customers learn what they want to buy. It would be full of clever juxtapositions of visual, aural and olfactory treats. Customers would be guided through such a store by an artificial personality, perhaps a hologram. The host would draw on a database of the customers’ online behavior and guide them to their preferences.

JGA Inc. envisioned Amazon.expo, a big-box destination store. The store would build on customer profiles as it provides touch and feel, camaraderie and accessibility. Amazon.expo would have multiple internal worlds, including Amazon Auction Theater; Expo Centers, with various lifestyle fairs and conventions; Amazon Outlet, and Club Amazon, with restaurants and a personal shopper for those who appreciate personal recognition and rely on Amazon’s recommendations.

Fitzpatrick Design Group cooked up a concept called Amazon World. This vision includes a small city, the sum of whose neighborhoods – Kid Island, Dad Land, an Auction Pyramid – combine for a complete experience.

– by Mark E. Dixon

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