Professional Jeweler Archive: A Proud Salute to the Jewelry Industry

December 2001

Publisher's Comments

A Proud Salute to the Jewelry Industry

All of us at Professional Jeweler have long been proud of the jewelry industry’s generosity. Under normal circumstances, industry members come through with generous donations to charities and also spend countless volunteer hours working on charity boards and committees. So we weren’t at all surprised to learn of the many generous offers extended to the jewelry companies directly affected by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

In addition to monetary donations, jewelry retailers offered valuable space at their sales counters, benches, vaults and offices so affected businesses – those that might have been considered competitors on Sept. 10 – could have a place to meet with and take care of their customers.

Manufacturers were equally generous, offering vault space so inventories of affected businesses could be secured.

The Business of America

The buyers and exhibitors who attended The Professional Jeweler Show in Las Vegas Oct. 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center are to be commended also.

While participation in the show may not seem as overt as the acts of kindness mentioned above, the decision to join us at the show sent an important message. Doing things that were mundane mere months ago, such as traveling away from home or shipping merchandise, has taken on new meaning. We will not be deterred by those who seek to instill a sense of uncertainty and fear throughout our society.

All those participating in the show responded to President Bush’s call to the American people that a quick return to business as usual is the best way to ensure our economy stays strong and rebounds from attempts to harm it.

We offer our thanks to everyone who has contributed to the efforts to repair the physical, emotional and financial damage brought about by the tragic events of Sept. 11, as well as those who offered assistance to the jewelers affected by the terrorist attacks and the buyers and exhibitors who participated in The Professional Jeweler Show.

We are grateful and proud to be part of such a wonderful industry.

The Staff of Professional Jeweler

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