Professional Jeweler Archive: Power to Persuade

December 2001


Power to Persuade

A consumer study shows sales associates have influence at the watch counter

A new study of watch buyers found that despite many brands’ extensive – and expensive – consumer advertising campaigns, most consumers don’t recall seeing ads for the brands they’ve bought.

“Much of the purchase decision is made at the showcase, where the store personnel can have a great influence,” says Liz Chatelain, CEO of MVI Marketing Ltd., Paso Robles, CA, which conducted the study. This underscores the importance of in-store training, she says. “Consumers question the salespeople about watches as they buy,” she says.

Additionally, most consumers who hadn’t heard of a brand before buying it said they would buy it again. “Ninety-six percent of consumers tell us they would buy another watch from the same company and, moreover, would recommend that brand to another person,” she says.

The report also found:

  • Half of all watch customers will shop for another watch within three years of their last purchase.
  • 61% of consumers claim to have seen no advertising for the watch brand they now own.
  • 32% of consumers have recommended a watch brand to someone else.
  • 19% of consumers say the brand’s image is important to their purchase decision.
  • 65% of the respondents bought the watch for themselves.
  • Timex was the most-owned watch brand in the study. It’s found in more than 50% of U.S. households.

The respondents are members of the MVI Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, a panel of 20,000 consumers assembled to conduct research in the U.S. jewelry, gemstone and watch markets.

The “JCOC Watch Study 2001” is available from MVI for $1,500 per copy. Quarterly reports will begin next year.

• MVI Marketing Inc., Paso Robles, CA; (805) 239-2994,

– by Michael Thompson


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