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February 2001

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Need a Watchmaker?

We continue our list of recertified AWI members

To help readers in need of qualified watch repair, we began three months ago to list members of the American Watchmaker-Clockmakers Institute who recertified through March 2000.

Certified members must recertify in five-year cycles by passing a test, attending lectures, taking bench courses, reading pertinent literature and publishing an article in Horological Times.

AWI offers six credentials: Certified Watchmaker (CW), Certified Master Watchmaker (CMW), Certified Electronic Watch Technician (CEWT), Certified Master Electronic Watchmaker (CMEW), Certified Clockmaker (CC) and Certified Master Clockmaker (CMC).

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Canada: Stephen Gergely, CMEW, Moncton, NB.

Florida: William Clater Jr., CMW, Panama City Beach; Steve Slawinski, CMW, Jensen Beach; William Smith, Tampa.

New Hampshire: Mark A. Yusko, CMW, Andover.

New Jersey: Mark D. Egizi, CMC, Turnersville.

New York: Dale LaDue, CMW, Rochester; Tracy W. Petrocy, CMEW, Cheektowaga; Paul R. Bie, CMW, Commack; Robert W. Hatt, CMC, Glenville.

North Carolina: Kenneth D. Demert, CC, Charlotte; George D. Jakowczuk, CMEW, Charlotte; A. Michael Lizza, CMW, Hays; Clyde E. Lamkin, CMC, Chapel Hill.

Ohio: Donald J. Basch, CMW, North Olmsted; Mark A. Baker, CMW, Damascus; Ron DeCorte, CMW, Toledo; Frederick P. Kiehne, CMEW, Dayton; David N. Saur, CMW, Berea; Harold J. Herman, CMW, Cincinnati; Robert B. Little, CC, Logan; John N. Proicou, CMW, Dublin; Robert A. Ridenour, CMEW, Cincinnati; Thomas D. Schomaker, CMW, Cincinnati; Stanislaw Wojtas, CMW, Toledo; Leslie L. Smith, CMW, CMEW, Cincinnati.

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