Professional Jeweler Archive: Writing Instruments for Culture Vultures

January 2001


Writing Instruments for Culture Vultures

Art, it's been said, is the new religion

Some people would consider it gauche to mention God in public, but they do worship “culture” at gallery openings, fund-raisers and when spending public money.

What sort of culture? Any kind, as long as it produces literature and, better, art that can be shown off to friends. The rich once built home shrines so they could worship at any hour, but now build home theaters and decorate with African tribal masks. In this context, it makes perfect sense Montblanc named its two limited-edition pen series after authors and art patrons “to commemorate those who have nurtured arts and culture.”

Montblanc’s Patron 2000 pen honors the Emperor Charlemagne for his sponsorship of the “Carolingian Renaissance, a brief flowering of scholarship and culture during the Early Middle Ages that created the monastic traditions responsible for preserving art, history and science during the Dark Ages.”

Previous Patron pens have honored Roman emperor Octavian; Semiramis, a Babylonian queen of Assyria; and Alexander the Great, among others. No Writers pens were issued in 2000, but previous editions were named for Ernest Hemingway, Voltaire, Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde and others.

The pens are based on Montblanc designs of the 1920s, and all pens issued before 1999 are sold out.

• Montblanc, Nike Communications, New York City; (212) 529-3400, fax (212) 353-0175.

– Mark E. Dixon

Charlemagne is a limited-edition pen in the Patron Series 2000 from Montblanc. It retails for $2,100-$5,900.

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