Professional Jeweler Archive: Boxing Day

January 2001


Boxing Day

Your customers buy jewelry; why not sell them something to store it in?

For the category-killers of retail, carrying everything is a critical part of their image and success. Home Depot, Staples, Toys ’R’ Us and the rest became billion-dollar businesses by making sure customers needn’t even think about shopping elsewhere.

So why are so many jewelers willing to tell customers, “Sorry, we don’t carry that”? The phenomenon puzzles vendors such as Amanda O’Connell, national sales manager for Wolf Designs, a 160-year-old European manufacturer of high-end jewelry storage and carrying boxes. “In Europe, most jewelry stores carry cases,” she says. “However, here in the United States, there seems to be a real lack of awareness of jewelry boxes as a product.”

This is especially noticeable among independent stores and chains of 15-plus stores, she says. Chains of two to 14 stores comprise the bulk of Wolf Designs’ jeweler clients. Department stores and high-end gift stores are also among Wolf’s clients, but they often treat jewelry boxes as second- and fourth-quarter-only merchandise.

Jewelry boxes can be an interesting accessory for jewelry stores, O’Connell says. For example, Wolf changes its product line every three months, adding seasonal items such as red lip-shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day or flower-shaped containers at Mother’s Day. “We’re always looking for something to spice ourselves up,” says O’Connell.

Some retail jewelers move $3,000-$5,000 worth of jewelry boxes wholesale per month. One such jeweler is Lux Bond & Green of West Hartford, CT, where owner John Green sees action at all price points. “We view ourselves as a full-service jewelry store, which means we also sell jewelry boxes and jewelry cleaners,” he explains. “A jeweler’s customers come into the store to buy jewelry, so it makes sense for us to offer everything related to jewelry too.”

Lux Bond & Green’s six locations carry about 20 styles of jewelry boxes from five manufacturers. They’re not featured items and they do sell best at Christmas and for anniversaries, Green says. Nevertheless, he regards them as must-haves. “Initially, you may get people who don’t want to spend a lot of money,” he says. “But they love being able to buy a beautiful jewelry box for a couple of hundred dollars.

“Why is that good for us? Simple. Then they have to fill it up.”

• Wolf Designs, Malibu, CA; (310) 456-7072, fax (310) 456-8393,

– Mark E. Dixon

Classic leather jewelry cases are by Wolf Designs.
This octagonal fold-out travel case will hold your customer’s jewelry safely and neatly while traveling. The 6 1/4x5x3-in. case by Wolf Designs comes in red, navy and black.

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