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January 2001

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Need a Watchmaker?

We continue our list of recertified AWI members

To help readers in search of qualified watch repairers, we began two months ago to list members of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute who recertified through March 2000 (p. 66, November 2000; p. 54, December 2000).

To retain AWI certification, a member must pass a written test, attend lectures, participate in bench courses, read pertinent literature and publish an article in Horological Times.

AWI offers six proficiency examinations leading to the following credentials: Certified Watchmaker (CW), Certified Master Watchmaker (CMW), Certified Electronic Watch Technician (CEWT), Certified Master Electronic Watchmaker (CMEW), Certified Clockmaker, (CC) and Certified Master Clockmaker (CMC).

AWI members must recertify every five years and many are not yet due for recertification this year. For telephone numbers of all AWI certified watchmakers, particularly those near your store, call AWI or visit

Iowa: Daniel J. Bartels, CMW, Clinton; Donald J. Bartels, CMW, Clinton.

Maryland: Fred White, CMW, Clinton.

Massachusetts: Brian P. Tanguay, CW, Gardner; John P. Lynch, CMW, Lunenburg.

Missouri: Charles E. Baldwin, CMC, Collins; John S. Martin, CMW, Jefferson City; Robert D. Porter, CMW, Florissant; Leon A. Sanger, CMEW, Springfield; Joe H. Sowders, CMC, Florissant.

Minnesota: Robert L. Ockenden, CMC, Golden Valley.

New Hampshire: George Garneau, CMW, Epsom.

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