Professional Jeweler Archive: The Grand Marquise

July 2001

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The Grand Marquise

You have to be creative in cutting, designing and selling this diamond cut

Marquise Diamonds demand creativity in cutting and in how they’re used in jewelry design. For example, the deeper the cutter can fashion the shape – a low pointed oval – the more beautiful it is. “The designer is challenged by this cut also and has to be able to work the precious metal around it to keep the design innovative,” says Margaret De Young of Ernest Slotar Inc., Chicago, IL.

Because marquises are elongated, they make fingers look longer and and more feminine when used in rings. In earrings, marquise drops enhance any face shape.

This cut is overstocked right now, creating better buys for diamond wholesalers, which means better prices for you and your customers. “The price range is vast, depending on quality. But generally speaking, a well-made marquise diamond can run from $3,500 up to $10,000 per carat wholesale,” says De Young.

When choosing or designing jewelry for your customers, marquise and pear diamonds play well together. This look also allows for an interesting variation of the popular three-stone diamond ring.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

14k gold semimount is set with 0.90 carat of marquise and round brilliant diamonds that are H/I1 quality. Suggested retail, $2,310 for the semimount.

Eugene Biro Corp., New York City; (212) 997-0146, fax (212) 764-4506.

Platinum engagement ring features a D/IF 6.48-ct. marquise diamond. Suggested retail, $380,700.

Philippe Diamond, New York City; (212) 869-5570, fax (212) 944-2506.

Marquise diamond anniversary and bridal rings are crafted in 10k gold with 12k Black Hills Gold trim.

South Dakota Gold, Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209.

Platinum necklace is set with 90.62 carats of marquise diamonds and a 5.08-ct. pear-shaped E/SI1 center diamond. Suggested retail, $650,000.

William Levine Fine Jewels, Chicago, IL; (800) LEVINES or (312) 236-3700, fax (312) 580-7470,

10k Black Hills Gold ring is set with 0.87 carat of marquise diamonds. Suggested retail, $1,875.

Stamper Black Hills Gold, Rapid City, SD; (605) 342-0751, fax (605) 343-9783.

Platinum necklace has 41.72 carats of marquise diamonds set at an angle. Suggested retail, $650,000.

Oscar Heyman & Bros. Inc., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.

Available in 14k or 18k gold, rings are set with 0.50 carat and up of marquise diamonds. Suggested retail starts at $750.

Variety Gem Co., New York City; (800) 735-GEMS or (212) 921-1820, fax (212) 921-1834.

14k gold ring has 0.82 carat of marquise diamonds. Suggested retail, $3,765.

Namano/Southeastern Findings, Tucker, GA; (800) 282-8285, fax (888) 282-8285.

14k gold bracelet is set with a 2.01-ct. marquise diamond and retails for $17,500. 18k gold necklace holds a 0.86-ct. marquise diamond and is $6,200 retail.

Ernest Slotar Inc., Chicago, IL; (312) 236-7351, fax (312) 236-6456.

Crafted in 10k gold and accented with 12k rose and green gold, this ring is set with 0.20 carat of marquise diamonds. Suggested retail, $935.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, Rapid City, SD; (800) 874-9926, fax (888) 394-3752,

White gold wedding band contains 0.65 carat of marquise diamonds in the center surrounded by 1.0 carat of full-cut diamonds on both sides. Suggested retail, $2,750.

Carl K. Gumpert, Los Angeles, CA; (800) 843-3998 or (213) 626-6531, fax (213) 627-4406,

Photo by Zale Richard Rubins

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