Professional Jeweler Archive: Color 2001

July 2001

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Color 2001

Understanding what's hot in fashion colors and how to accessorize them will add sizzle to your selling

The fickle finger of fashion once again points down to street level, and your fashionable customers are probably sailing through your doors wearing the latest trends as a result. To a degree unseen in years, this season’s hot looks get better when you add jewelry. Use the photos shown with this article as inspiration when helping customers match jewelry to their clothing tastes.


Shades of purple, especially lavender, continue to make fashion statements for women, in everything from suits and dresses for the adventuresome to shirts and accessories for the subtle. Amethysts are an obvious choice for these customers in still-popular earring drops, pendants and rings. White metals’ icy hardness complements the soft feel of these shades.

Tomato Red

This rich red is seen all over apparel stores. Keep a sweater or blouse in this color on hand to show customers just how good it looks with yellow gold.


Turquoise remains a hit for jewelry and other accessories, especially when contrasted with the sandy-colored clothes women are choosing today. In fact, turquoise is a good choice for the whole gamut of light neutrals – from beige to taupe. Free-form turquoise jewelry will please your most fashion-forward customers, but also consider stocking some delicate turquoise beads, strung in necklaces or bracelets and dangling from earrings.

Black and White

Black-and-white combos have returned. Newly repopular yellow gold jewelry pops against this stark geometric look. And don’t forget pearls. They add a lustrous touch and soften the crispness of black against white.

Steven Lagos’ Daisy Collection contrasts with lavender in this Saks Fifth Ave. photo.
Soft and supple gold bracelets like this one from H. Stern are in style and look smashing against tomato red, currently a wildly popular apparel color.
A Stephen Dweck bracelet and Marc Jacobs bag highlight just how good turquoise looks against this sandy-colored Piazza Sempione skirt and Louis Vuitton top from the pages of Vogue.

A gold neck cuff with swinging dangle chain by 11:22 stands out against a black-and-white dress by Ralph Lauren in this photo (top) from Harper’s Bazaar. Pearls complement another black-and-white Ralph Lauren outfit (bottom).

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