Professional Jeweler Archive: Journey Into CAD: Solitaire Engagement Ring

July 2001

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Journey Into CAD:
Solitaire Engagement Ring

Follow the process of creating a ring through computer-aided design

Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing have revolutionized the way jewelers look at custom orders. Instead of seeing custom work as a nuisance, they can see CAD/CAM as a tool that makes it easier than ever to communicate design intent to customers and execute a design.

Using CAD/CAM gives independent jewelers several important communication tools:

1. The CAD rendering is a photorealistic illustration with shading, reflections and shadows – which helps in the sales presentation.

2. CAM takes away the concern of whether the goldsmith will execute the design properly.

3. CAM gives the jeweler confidence the job will be accomplished in a timely manner instead of languishing in the job box.

Follow along as we design a platinum and gold ring.

Next Installment: New CAD software package.

– by Steven Pollack

Steven Pollack is the president of Digital Jeweler™ Inc., a provider of leading-edge CAD/CAM solutions for the jewelry industry. Pollack can be reached at (888) 300-8031 or on the Web at

Steven Pollack created this platinum and gold ring and resin models using CAD/CAM.
Create a layout using a line drawing for the inside and outside profiles. Extrude both of them 4mm and subtract the inside from the outside to create the finger hole.
The openings for the inserts are extruded and subtracted from the main body.
Create the inserts and extrude them.
A different angle reveals the three-dimensional nature of the project.
The photorealistic CAD rendering of the solitaire engagement ring with a specified stone is ready for presentation to the customer.
The inserts are removed for future rapid prototyping. If this is going to be a one-off manufacture, then the center stone can be subtracted from the main body to create the seat. This seat represents the exact fit of the stone, so more metal will have to be cut to allow the stone to slide in.

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