Professional Jeweler Archive: French Watches by the Numbers

July 2001

Timepieces/Data & Statistics

French Watches by the Numbers

Components and straps are major segments of the industry

The watch industry in France includes an extensive range of components manufacturers. In fact, the export value of the 53 companies that make watch movements, dials and cases exceeds the export value of the 39 companies that make finished watches. Many Swiss and French luxury watch companies use French straps. Even some French watch companies that use Swiss movements place them on homegrown straps.

Source: French Watch, Clock, Jewellery and Silverware Center, Paris; (33-01) 5377-2900, fax (33-01) 4359-0274. Note: For more on the French industry, see Professional Jeweler, June 2001, pp. 90-94.

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