Professional Jeweler Archive: JA Offers Outreach Program

June 2001


JA Offers Outreach Program

Seminar series helps you build your image while educating children and adults

Why is a ruby red? If you answered “because it contains chromium, which is also a trace element essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats,” you are correct. But that doesn’t put customers in your aisles, does it?

A better explanation is contained in “Why Is a Ruby Red?” which is part of a new seminar series Jewelers of America Inc. designed to help members interact with the public.

“Why Is a Ruby Red?” is specifically for children – your next generation of customers. It’s aimed at third- and fourth-graders and features a video and workbooks that cover definitions of jewelry terms. Interactive questions and experiments are designed to make learning fun. JA says the 90-minute presentation can hold a child’s attention, generate interest, foster learning and, ultimately, create a broader understanding and appreciation of jewelry.

The “Why Is A Ruby Red?” kit costs $24.95 and includes one seminar guide for the presenter and 15 activity workbooks for students. Additional workbooks are $1.50 each.

Reaching Adults Also

Two seminars directed at adults are “Jewelry Styles and Influences: The Greco-Roman Period to Present” and “A Guide to Buying and Caring for Fine Jewelry.” These kits include speaker notes, all necessary graphics (slides or PowerPoint files) and handouts.

The adult seminars should last 45-60 minutes each but may easily be shortened. “Jewelry Styles and Influences” and “A Guide to Buying and Caring for Fine Jewelry” are free to JA members.

All three seminars are designed to help jewelers who want to do community outreach programs but lack the time to put together a quality presentation. “A jeweler can expand [the store’s] customer base just by reaching out to people in his or her own back yard,” says David Peters, JA’s director of education. “These seminars from JA allow our members to raise their profiles and enhance their public images among jewelry shoppers in their communities. Plus, by educating the public, a JA member can strengthen consumer confidence.”

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– by Mark E. Dixon

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