Professional Jeweler Archive: Watchmaker Earnings

June 2001

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Watchmaker Earnings

New surveys detail competitive salaries; may help you with recruitment efforts

Watchmaking doesn’t appeal to enough people yet, but that could soon change. The 11 recognized watchmaking schools in the U.S. have 242 slots but only 140 students. And positions remain unfilled in stores and service centers. But studies by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and the American Watch Association this past winter show salaries are rising, and that could attract more students. Here are the results of the studies.

Watchmaker Salaries From AWI Study

AWI received 586 responses from watchmakers in stores and/or with their own businesses. The median annual salary this past year was $42,500. (The percentage in each segment of the charts represents the watchmakers reporting salaries in that range.)

Watchmaker Salaries From AWA Study

The American Watch Association received 247 responses from its watch company members. These watchmakers work primarily at company service centers. The average annual salary was nearly $50,000.

Source: American Watch Association, Washington, DC, (703) 759-3377; American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, Harrison, OH; (513) 367-9800.

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