Professional Jeweler Archive: Dangler Designs Marriage Symbol

May 2001


Dangler Designs Marriage Symbol

There's more to marriage than a three-stone ring

Capitalizing on the popularity of the Diamond Trading Co.’s three-stone anniversary ring promotion, Dangler Studios introduces The Three-Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol. The symbol is a pendant with interlocking circles and diamonds filling the area where the circles overlap.

“Two interlocking circles are symbolic of marriage across cultures and time,” says designer Paul Dangler. “Bringing these elements together creates a product every jeweler can present with great pride in fulfilling his mission to sell the romance.”

The pendant with chain in 14k gold is $270 keystone with 0.12 carat of diamonds, $450 keystone for 0.25 carat of diamonds and $1,300 for 0.50 carat of diamonds.

Dangler also provides retailers with ad slicks, display counter cards, packaging and enclosure cards. Every promotional piece tells the story of the Diamond Marriage Symbol and invokes the three-diamond symbolism popularized by De Beers, with the diamonds representing the past, the present and the future. The final tag line says “Reminisce, celebrate, dream on.”

Dangler Studios, Sarasota, FL; (941) 957-4949.

Promotion for the Three-Stone Diamond Marriage Symbol by Dangler Studios.

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