Professional Jeweler Archive: Spring Into Action

November 2001


Spring Into Action

Don't rely on the winter holdays alone. With a little planning, Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Days and graduations can boost your business

OK, you’re knee-deep in holiday madness and can’t wait for it to be over, even though it’s your most profitable time of year. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and plan how to keep your sales momentum going after Jan. 1.


Advertising, branding and merchandising are year-round activities, keeping your store’s name in consumers’ minds all the time, not just at the holidays.
Begin targeting ads in January for Valentine’s Day – you’ll create awareness and show different gift ideas. Keep the momentum going through Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation season.

Stocking Up

Don’t set your inventory to a specific buying schedule. Buying decisions should reflect the economy, your store’s clientele and developing trends. Stay flexible.
It’s no secret 2001 has been a challenge economically. Many retailers have exercised a wait-and-see attitude toward spending for holiday inventory. Buying at the last minute is an option that may pay off for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Treat customers with special attention and they will return to your store every time. Also investigate continuing education for employees. The people behind the counter deal with your most precious commodity – your customers – so make sure their skills are top-notch.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Valentine’s Day

Sterling silver and blue topaz heart ring is $70 suggested retail and the matching earrings are $130.

B.A. Ballou, East Providence, RI; (800) 755-7099, fax (800) 755-7988.

Valentine’s Day

Heart pendants come in white, rose and yellow gold, plain or with diamond accents and engraving.

SeidenGang, Rye, NY; (800) 227-4890 or (914) 925-0788, fax (914) 723-7105.

Valentine’s Day

10k gold reversible onyx pendants have 12k rose and green gold accents. Triple keystone, $160.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry by Coleman, Rapid City, SD; (800) 874-9926, fax (605) 721-3752,,

Valentine’s Day

18k gold bracelet features heart-shaped links. Suggested retail, $2,800.

Piaget, New York City; (800) 625-4344 or (212) 355-6444, fax (212) 355-6996 or (212) 909-4332.

Valentine’s Day

14k gold jewelry suite is set with trillion-cut pink sapphires and diamond accents. Suggested retail, $512-$671.

Idaho Opal & Gem Corp., Pocatello, ID; (208) 233-4059, fax (208) 233-0120.

Valentine’s Day

Dangling heart pendant is set with 1.10 carats of diamonds supported by a double chain in 14k white gold. Keystone, $1,399.

KC Designs, New York City; (800) 552-3790, fax (212) 768-9073.

Valentine’s Day

Three sizes of heart pendants are set with pavé diamonds. The large one has 5 carats, the medium 1.80 carats and the small one 1 carat. Suggested retail, $2,745-$12,680.

Chimento, Miami, FL; (305) 372-8025, fax (305) 372-5071.

Valentine’s Day

Women’s heart rings are 10k gold with 12k green and pink gold leaves. The top ring features a 0.01-ct. diamond accent and the bottom a 6mm button pearl. Keystone, $70-$90.

South Dakota Gold Co., Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209, fax (800) 348-7087.

Valentine’s Day

14k gold heart pendant is set with a 3.5mm rhodolite garnet. Suggested retail, $310.

Artelle Designs, Minneapolis, MN; (800) 936-3456.

Mother’s Day

Pavé diamonds and colored gemstones cover these baby shoe pendants. Suggested retail, $2,400-$250,000.

Aaron Basha, New York City; (212) 935-9162, fax (212) 935-9309,,

Mother’s Day

Your customers can have pictures of loved ones scanned into this sterling silver Photo Art charm bracelet.

Rembrandt Charms, Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840, fax (800) 828-7811.

Mother’s Day

The 14k Janel Russell Heart collection includes pendants, lockets and bracelets with diamond or birthstone accents. Triple keystone, $150-$1,000.

Carla Corp., East Providence, RI; (401) 438-7070, fax (401) 438-0455.

Mother’s Day

14k gold Sweet Peas™ pin can be customized with pink pearls for girls, blue for boys and white for parents or for spacers. Suggested retail, $360. Also available in sterling silver for $160.

Lugosch Designs, Round Pond, ME; (800)299-7734 or (207) 529-6050, fax (207) 529-7000,,

Mother’s Day

18k white or yellow gold butterflies are created with colorful pliqué à jour enamel and diamond accents. Suggested retail, $1,650 each.

Susymor Jewelry Designs, Miami, FL; (305) 539-0720, fax (305) 530-0667.

Father’s Day

Fleur de Lis cuff links and shirt studs are from the Heritage collection.

Brixton & Gill, Baltimore, MD; (410) 732-2000, fax (410) 732-2002,

Father’s Day

Cuff links on the left are sterling silver and 18k gold with citrine ($340 suggested retail). Middle cuff links are sterling and 18k with tourmaline and lapis lazuli ($250). Cuff links on the right are sterling and 18k with a pearl ($200).

Janis Kerman Design, Montreal, Canada; (514) 931-3852, fax (514) 932-6141,

Father’s Day

14k white gold ring features 18k gold image panels. The six images that circle the ring can be chosen from a catalog or can be custom-designed. Price varies depending on size.

Generational Jewelers, Grass Valley, CA; (877) 320-5132, info@,


14k gold cap and diploma lariat makes an appropriate graduation gift.

Silber’s, Houston, TX; (800) SILBERS or (713) 784-6226, fax (713) 784-0396.


Sterling silver money clip, key holder and cuff links are each $75 suggested retail.

Leonore Doskow Inc., Montrose, NY; (914) 737-1335, fax (914) 737-5049.

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