Professional Jeweler Archive: U.S. Buys Fewer Swiss Timepieces

November 2001

Timepieces/Data & Statistics

U.S. Buys Fewer Swiss Timepieces

However, value of exports rises

Exports of finished timepieces from Switzerland fell 12.5% to 12.7 million units worldwide in the first half of 2001 vs. the same period of 2000.

However, the value rose 7.6%, indicating more expensive timepieces were exported than during the same period of 2000. Two examples: Exports of 18k gold watches rose 19% by units, and exports of all precious-metal watches rose 35.5%.

Exports of many other types of watches fell, including steel, down 5%; plastic, down 13.2%; and aluminum, down 30.3%.

Meanwhile, exports of movements and individual parts rose 11.6% and 10.7%, respectively.

– by Michael Thompson

Major Markets Still Buying Swiss Timepieces
First-half 2001 vs. first-half 2000, by units

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