Professional Jeweler Archive: Gold Rush

October 2001


Gold Rush

Bridging the gap between the opulent '80s and the minimalist '90s, designers find a middle ground for this decade

The latest gold jewelry designs make an impact, but with a seemingly low-key approach. “Women today are drawn to jewelry that flows with the body,” says designer Cathy Carmendy of Santa Monica, CA. Think lariats, hoop earrings and free-form styles that imitate and accentuate natural curves.

These styles easily tie in with existing jewelry wardrobes, easing your job of selling them. The most desirable designs are clean with soft, unobtrusive detail – no matter what size the jewelry is. “The trend is leaning toward bold with renewed interest in collars and cuff bracelets,” says Duvall O’Steen, marketing coordinator for the World Gold Council, New York City.


Color is highly evident in today’s jewelry trends, and gold is well-suited to display a rainbow of colored gemstones. “Coral, spinel, fancy-colored sapphire, high-quality aquamarine and citrine have natural flair and also keep jewelry affordable,” says Carmendy.
“Purple, bluish-purple, red and the primary colors are the biggest hues of the moment,” adds designer Patricia Daunis of Daunis, Portland, ME.


Combining finishes is the latest way to add dimension and versatility. “The contrast of matte with high polish is a sophisticated look that holds the attention of consumers,” says Brian Fleming, vice president of marketing at Carla Corp., East Providence, RI. Other options are hammered finishes and the soft feel of sandblasted details.


The white wave has crested, and yellow gold has new life. The warmth yellow gold lends when combined with white makes this combination the perfect bridge for consumers who began their jewelry wardrobes with yellow gold but switched to white in the 1990s. “Two-tone gives consumers freedom to build on what they already own,” says Amy Levine, designer/owner at Amy L. Levine, New York City.

What’s in Store

Here’s what’s on the horizon in gold jewelry:

Earrings: Chandelier, tassel and long dangles are the latest craze. Hoops and on-the-ear jackets are loved for versatility. These styles keep this jewelry category in the No. 1 sales position.

Necklaces: Lariats, collars, pendants and multiple lightweight chains with shaped bold links and omega slides add heat to this category.

Rings: Big, bold, gemstone-enhanced rings with wide bands are popular. Also look for detailed, layered, open and lacy rings.

Bracelets: Geometric links, multiple bangles and cuffs offer everyday wearability. Handcrafted woven bracelets wrap wrists in a bit of luxury.

Pins: You can’t go wrong with geometric, free-form or whimsical themes. Floral motifs rely on gemstones for color.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

The hoops have it with this 18k gold jewelry suite. Hoop bracelet features a diamond accent.

Isabelle Fa, Oak Ridge, TN; (888) 945-4356, fax (865) 220-0972,

18k gold bracelet features layers of hoops that mix sizes and finishes.

Rina Limor for J.R. Gold Designs, New York City; (800) 999-0583 or (212) 922-9292, fax (212) 922-2992.

18k gold flower bracelet has 0.30 carat of diamonds and is $1,900 suggested retail.

Olga Damo for Onofrio D. Oro, New York City; (212) 730-8945, fax (212) 843-0601.

18k caterpillar bracelet is $4,500 suggested retail.

Robert Lee Morris, New York City; (212) 554-9168, fax (212) 245-2158.

14k Freeport earrings are $440 suggested retail. Matching necklace is $5,951.

Daunis, Portland, ME; (207) 773-6011, fax (207) 773-3603,

Men’s bracelets and necklaces are from the Railroad collection and are manufactured in 14k white and yellow gold. Triple keystone, $400.

Royal Chain, New York City; (800) 622-0960.

Ring with high-polished links comes in 18k yellow, pink or white gold; a combination of colors; or platinum.

Furrer-Jacot, Rutherford, NJ; (201) 507-4400, fax (201) 804-1898.

18k gold bands feature a high polish.

Pasquale Bruni, New York City; (212) 218-7858.

14k gold chain and ring are $572-$1,453 suggested retail.

HMS, Addison, TX; (800) 467-4653, fax (800) 329-4653.

20k gold French-lace bangle is set with 1.70 carats of diamonds. Suggested retail, $28,000.

Cathy Carmendy, Santa Monica, CA; (310) 396-3120, fax (310) 399-5902.

14k white, yellow or two-tone Magellan link men’s bracelets are each $850 suggested retail. A matching men’s neck chain is $2,200.

Leslie’s, Greenwich, CT; (800) 221-2628, fax (800) 962-4246.

Periwinkle earrings in 18k matte-finished gold have wire accents and diamonds.

Lugosch Design, Round Pond, ME; (800) 299-7734.

Wide wave bracelet in 18k white gold is set with 0.15 carat of princess-cut fancy-color sapphires. Suggested retail, $4,650.

Amy L. Levine, New York City; (212) 253-5534, fax (212) 253-5538.

14k gold holiday-inspired pins glisten with diamond accents. Suggested retail, $195-$270.

Carla Corp., East Providence, RI; (401) 438-7070, fax (401) 438-0455.

Limited-edition earrings depict holly leaves in sterling silver and 18k gold with accents of cubic zirconia and 22k goldplated beads.

Holly Yashi Jewelry As Art, Arcata, CA; (800) 274-2714 or (707) 822-0389, fax (707) 822-9221,

10k men’s ring has 12k green and pink leaves. Suggested retail, $275.

South Dakota Gold Co., Rapid City, SD; (800) 523-4209 or (605) 341-4653, fax (800) 348-7087.

Oak leaf ring features an 11mm golden South Sea cultured pearl set in 20k gold.

Zurik Collection LLC, Rockwall, TX; (972) 772-6928, fax (972) 771-0217.

14k fish hook bracelets are $298 suggested retail for women’s version, $375 for men’s.

Vanmark Inc. Jewelry Designers, Fort Lauderdale, FL; (954) 565-0069, fax (954) 565-0048,

18k gold ring and earrings feature blue zircon.

Zebra Design Inc., Pittsburgh, PA; (412) 281-6612, fax (412) 281-6624.

18k rose gold bands.

JFA Designs, Irvine, CA; (949) 263-9909, fax (949) 263-9910.

14k two-tone oval brooch is $295 suggested retail.

Cordova Inc., Flushing, NY; (800) 221-0744 or (718) 961-1020, fax (718) 353-5753,

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