Professional Jeweler Archive: Four Chain Styles

October 2001

For Your Staff/Selling Jewelry Styles

Four Chain Styles

This is 17th in a series Professional Jeweler is presenting on different styles of jewelry. Learning about different styles, selling points and origins can make your job more interesting and profitable


Similar to a coarse, flat mesh, this chain resembles a chain-link fence, but with tighter construction. It’s used most often as a bracelet chain because of its durability.

14k Bismarck chain is from Stuller, Lafayette, LA; (337) 837-4100, fax (337) 981-1655.


This chain is a machine-made rope twisted under tension to lightly nest the links, creating the appearance of a wheat tassel.

Wheat chain in 10k is also available in 14k from Leslie’s, Greenwich, CT; (800) 221-2628 or (203) 869-7071, fax (800) 962-4246 or (203) 869-8696.

Bar Link

This style consists of a straight bar alternating with one or more round links. The bar may be round, rectangular or twisted and is usually of the same metal as the round links. This type of chain can be used as a necklace or pendant chain.

1.5mm sterling silver bar link chain is by Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM; (800) 545-6566 or (505) 839-3000, fax (800) 965-2329.

C Link

Also known as the C chain, this style is made of tiny solid “C”-shaped pieces that fit into one another in a set repetition. This chain lies flat but has more flexibility than other flat chains. It’s normally worn alone. Variations include beveled edges that slant toward the base of the chain. In a Fancy C chain, designs are imprinted over the link.

C link chain in 14k is available in any length from Hallmark-Sweet, Attleboro, MA; (800) 225-2706 or (508) 222-9234, fax (508) 222-6531.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P. Photos by Robert Weldon.

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