Professional Jeweler Archive: Vive La France!

October 2001


Vive La France!

French jewelry makers create image campaign online

French jewelry manufacturers, designers and jewelers want the world to know about their broad range of products. But how do you create an image campaign when the world is your goal? For today’s entrepreneurs, the Internet comes readily to mind.

Enter “french-spirit,” an organization formed to create a common communications platform, especially for smaller French companies, to get the word out about their products. Membership is open to any French jewelry company, provided the jewelry is entirely created and produced in France. So far, about 35% of the companies in France have joined, says President Sylvie Chapuzet.

Its Web site,, features products U.S. jewelers can order. “Our Web site allows the American trade to virtually meet French jewelers, who explain why they create jewelry and what materials they like to use and give background information
on their businesses,” says Chapuzet. “Through this information, the [retailer] is able to sell more than a piece of jewelry. He or she can tell a whole story and, thus, create emotion. It is an excellent way to stimulate sales.”

It also was where consumers and retailers voted for the prettiest three-stone diamond ring of 49 entries in a contest sponsored by the Messika Groups and the Diamond Promotion Center. About 2,000 trade and consumer votes were tallied (80% trade). Judges chose three from the top 10 vote-getters, and those three were posted for a final vote online. The winner was jeweler Anne Leruste, who started her career with Van Cleef & Arpels and now works on her own. View her creation, “Daphne,” on the site.

Also online are a personality test consumers can use to ascertain jewelry preferences and a new feature where they can design their own rings. “We constantly develop new interactive ideas to attract our targets,” says Chapuzet.

Members of french-spirit

Designers Alain Boite, Alain Clozeau, Albert A., Auro Design (Christian Bernard), Bellon, Bermudes, Borelli, 2 D Paris, Diamanti (Christian Bernard), De Percin, Dorgay, Garel Créations, Gay Frères, GI, Guillochon, Inédit, Jourdan, Lenfant, Les Cristallines, Louis Feraud (Christian Bernard), Marie Michaud, Michel Brasier, Patrice Fabre, Philippe Ratinaud, Ponce Or, Smatho and Torrente (Gay Frères).

Retailers Capet, Godechot Pauliet, Comptoir Cardinet and Vangelder.

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