Professional Jeweler Archive: IGI Offers Certs to eBay Customers

September 2001


IGI Offers Certs to eBay Customers

The aim is to increase trust between sellers and buyers

The International Gemmological Institute has joined forces with eBay to offer certification services to customers selling diamonds, fine gemstones and articles of jewelry on the auction Web site. Sellers can learn about the service through a link on’s jewelry page ( Buyers can also learn why certification is important. “EBay encourages diamond, gemstone and jewelry certification to increase trust and the exchange of information in a gem or jewelry purchase,” says Shira Levine, senior manager of the eBay jewelry category. “We expect buyers will view the certification reports as important considerations in their buying decisions.”

More than 110,000 items are offered daily in eBay’s jewelry and gemstone categories, making it the largest jewelry retailer on the Internet. Sellers range from collectors and jewelry store owners to wholesalers and manufacturers.

“IGI certification assures consumers of the authenticity and value of their purchase,” says IGI President Jerry Ehrenwald. Sellers who use the service will get a 5% discount from IGI and a free digital image of the IGI report, including a photo of the gemstone or jewelry. These documents can be posted within a seller’s eBay listing.

In addition, eBay customers get a 5% discount on Laserscribe,® IGI’s patented laser-inscription service. With an IGI report number on it, a gem is always traceable if it’s stolen or misplaced. The process is permanent and doesn’t impair the gem’s quality.

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