Professional Jeweler Archive: Four Basic Wristwatch Styles

September 2001

For Your Staff/Selling Timepiece Styles

Four Basic Wristwatch Styles

We expand our "Selling Styles" series this month, adding timepieces. Learn the selling points of each basic type to make your job more interesting and profitable. Try winding or setting each type to learn more about it

(Manual and Automatic)

No battery needed. You wind a manual watch by gently turning the crown (winder) until you feel tension. An automatic watch is powered by a rotor that spins and winds a mainspring with the natural movement of your wrist. Automatics also can be restarted by hand with five to 10 turns of the crown. With some higher-end models, you have to unscrew the crown to change time.
Sales Points: No battery changes, often a see-through back displaying a decorated movement, often handcrafted workmanship.

Automatic chronograph is by George J. von Burg USA, Bellevue, WA; (866) 635-9460,


Battery required. Most watches sold today use battery power to run a quartz movement. Developed in 1970 for widespread use, quartz watches are identifiable by “quartz” written on the dial or back. A seconds hand ticks each second, unlike the sweeping motion seen with the seconds hand of an automatic or manual-wind watch.
Sales Points: Lower price, high accuracy.

Intuition, a new quartz line from Maurice Lacroix, Encino, CA; (800) 794-7736,


No battery needed. Some brands are called solar-powered, though most use any light source to charge an internal capacitor that powers a quartz movement. Charges vary from weeks to nearly two years. Most indicate when a charge needs replenishing.
Sales Points: No battery changes, highly accurate quartz movement.

Citizen Eco-Drive by Citizen Watch Co., Lyndhurst, NJ; (201) 438-8150,

Rotor-Driven Quartz

No battery needed. A hybrid technology, this type of watch features a rotor that charges a capacitor that powers a quartz movement. Various brands use ETA and Citizen versions under different titles; Seiko uses Kinetic exclusively. Some models can be hand-wound also.
Sales Points: No battery changes, accurate quartz movement, often a display back.

Seiko Kinetic watch by Seiko Corp. of America, Mahwah, NJ; (201) 529-5730,

– by Michael Thompson

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