Professional Jeweler Archive: Safe on Wheels

September 2001


Safe on Wheels

Gemsafe is a new portable safe you can use to protect your assets

Security Track introduces the Gemsafe, a portable “safe” that protects jewelry and sample lines as they are transported. Although Gemsafe’s operational characteristics are confidential, Security Track says the safe is lightweight and adequately protects the assets being transported.

“Well-organized thieves prey on traveling jewelers and couriers. The Gemsafe is a valuable deterrent because it hinders these thieves from successfully attacking your merchandise,” says Elie Ribacoff, president of Security Track LLC of New York City, which designs covert tracking systems for mobile assets.

Coupled with the Gemtracker, Security Track’s covert tracking system, these systems deter, protect and provide real-time tracking and recovery capabilities. “We can accurately track, locate and recover stolen or lost assets anywhere in North America,” says Ribacoff. “And the system is very affordable to anyone in the jewelry industry.” A system for Europe and Asia is scheduled for this fall.

A former diamond dealer and traveling jeweler, Ribacoff and his business partner, Harry Grossman, an electrical engineer, created Security Track’s Gemtracker in 1999. “The need for real security on the road is enormous,” says Ribacoff. “Jewelers have safes, alarms, man-traps and cameras when they are in their stores, but they are extremely vulnerable when they travel. Gemtracker helps secure their valuables in a way that poses no harm to the traveling jeweler. The jeweler can’t deactivate the system, so thieves can’t benefit by harming the jeweler. Because the system is completely covert, no one knows it’s there; no one can single out a jeweler from a crowd.”

Recommended by the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, the Security Track Gemtracker System is available only to members of the traveling jewelry trade.

Security Track, New York City; (212) 764-6450,

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