Professional Jeweler Archive: Winning Combinations

September 2001

Precious Metals/New Products

Winning Combinations

Mixed finishes add value and elegance

Plain-Jane metal gets a shot of adrenaline when two or more finishes are mixed to create visual interest. High polish and matte comprise the most common combination, but there are many other possibilities. Jewelry with highly polished ridges and matte or roughly finished backgrounds is the latest trend in mixed finishes.

In addition, florentine, hammered and stipple effects not only add interest, but also demonstrate knowledge of complex finishes and suggest superior workmanship.

Multiple textures will interest your artistically inclined customers in particular, but show them to everyone rather than risk losing sales to customers whose jewelry tastes grow more sophisticated each day.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Twisted 14k gold hoop earrings with brushed and bright finishes are $350 per pair triple keystone.

Carla Corp., East Providence, RI; (401) 438-7070, fax (401) 438-0455.

Crafted in 950 platinum and 18k gold, these Union rings fit together and are available with or without a 0.10-ct. baguette diamond.

Jeannette Fossas, Puerto Rico; (787) 722-4154, fax (787) 722-3858.

18k green gold J hoop earrings from the Classic collection are created using filigree and ancient gold wire techniques. The mythological renditions of Apollo and Daphne symbolize everlasting devotion. Suggested retail, $1,890.

SeidenGang, Rye, NY; (800) 227-4890 or (914) 925-0788, fax (914) 723-7105.

Sterling silver and 18k gold ring is air hammered, textured and brightly polished. Suggested retail, $225.

Ed Levin Jewelry, Cambridge, NY; (518) 677-8595, fax (518) 677-8597.

From “The Kids” collection, this little girl pendant features a paisley-patterned dress in 14k yellow, white and pink gold. Suggested retail, $135.

Rona K. Corp., Garden City, NY; (888) 357-kids or (516) 222-2806, fax (516) 222-2812.

14k gold pendant from the Canoe collection combines brushed and shiny finishes. Suggested retail, $650.

Barbara Killen Design Ltd., Chicago, IL; (312) 346-6955, fax (312) 456-0450.

14k gold bracelet and sterling silver slide charms are finished with a photo from the customer. Suggested retail for the bracelet and all charms shown, $2,048. For the bracelet and only the charms attached to it, $1,743.

Rembrandt Charms, Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840, fax (800) 878-7811.

Mixed-texture 18k gold rings are set with diamonds ranging from 0.12 to 0.63 carat. Suggested retail, $1,000-$1,520.

Jeanne Cole, Van Nuys, CA; (818) 988-5398, fax (818) 988-6398.

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