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September 2001

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Contests: Saul Bell Winners

Rio Grande honors winners of inaugural design contest and announces plans for next year

Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM, announced the winners of the first annual Saul Bell Design Award competition. Rio Grande honored seven winners and one grand prize winner at the JCK Las Vegas show in June.

This was the inaugural year for the annual competition honoring Rio Grande’s founder, Saul Bell. Cosponsored by Charles & Colvard™ Created Moissanite, this year’s competition challenged jewelry designers to create original pieces featuring created moissanite. Renderings or photographs from more than 150 designers were accepted, and 20 finalists were asked to bring their designs to life using jewels supplied by Charles & Colvard.

Meanwhile, the 2002 Saul Bell Design Awards competition will be sponsored by Mitsubishi Materials and Swarovski. Designers can submit designs in any of four categories: gold and/or platinum, silver, PMC™ and/or PMC+,™ and beads. The chosen medium of the category must comprise at least 75% of the finished piece; the design may be created with any combination of techniques.

The competition is open to professionals or students in a jewelry training program. Deadline for entries is Sept. 24. Call (800) 396-9896, ext. 3247, or visit

Grand Prize

Ryan Ringholz
New York City

18k white and green gold ring features two 5mm princess-cut jewels (shown separately and assembled).

Category One

First Place

David Dahl & Idar Bergseth
Idar Jewelers
Victoria, BC, Canada

19k white and yellow gold calla lily ring is bezel-set with four 3mm, four 2.5mm and four 2mm round jewels.

Second Place

Hasun Park
Palisades Park, NJ

18k white gold ring is set with three 3mm, four 2.5mm and seven 2mm round jewels.

Category Two

First Place

Jonathan Quach
Hi-Brite Jewelry Design
Co., Philadelphia, PA

18k white and yellow gold ring is set with one 6mm, four 3mm and two 2.5mm round jewels.

Second Place

Barbara Sherrick
B. Sherrick Designs
Sioux City, IA

Two-tone ring has one 6mm, two 3mm and two 2.5mm jewels.

Category Three

First Place

Barbara Berk
Barbara Berk Designs
Foster City, CA

22k and 18k gold hand-woven paisley brooch is set with one 6.5mm and one 8mm jewel. A matching pendant has one 6.5mm jewel.

Second Place

Jonathan Quach
Hi-Brite Jewelry Design Co.
Philadelphia, PA

Ring and pendant are set with one 8mm and two 4mm round jewels.

Category Four

Second Place

Rudolf Bettenmann
Medford, OR

18k white and yellow gold ring has one 7mm and two 3mm princess-cut jewels.

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