Professional Jeweler Archive: Watch Imports Flat in 2000

September 2001

Timepieces/Data & Statistics

Watch Imports Flat in 2000

Anadigitals and mechanicals show growth at all prices

The number of watches imported to the U.S. last year was flat compared with 1999, though the value increased 8%, based on a new American Watch Association analysis of statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Increases were strongest among quartz analog, digital, anadigital and mechanical/manual models. Among models made of precious metal, quartz analog, manual-wind and automatic watches increased.

Retailers echoed these findings, with many reporting greater consumer interest in higher-cost mechanical watches. But when steel- or plastic-cased watches are added to the mix, imports of automatic watches fell 3.3%.

– by Michael Thompson

Total watch imports (in units) rose slightly in 2000. Imports of precious-metal-cased models fell after China reclassified its definition of a “precious-metal” watch.
Total imports by units, listed here by category, show large percentage increases in the manual and anadigital categories.
A reclassification by China accounts for the large drop in digital and anadigital imports. Mechanical, quartz analog and automatic watch imports increased.

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