Professional Jeweler Archive: In Clover

April 2002


In Clover

Word on the street is the four-leaf clover may be the next big jewelry trend to be launched by TV.

Sarah Jessica Parker, star of “Sex and the City,” will adopt a four-leaf clover diamond pendant as one of her new jewelry motifs in the upcoming season of the hit HBO comedy.

The actress has had a big influence on jewelry styles in the past – diamond horseshoe pendants and name-tag jewelry are just two examples of styles she made popular on her show.

In addition to Parker embracing the style, it fits in well with the current mania for symbols in jewelry and is a refreshing change from hearts, crosses, stars and other now-familiar motifs.

Diamond clover pendant is by C&K Nissenbaum, New York City; (800) 421-6280 or (212) 869-7646.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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