Professional Jeweler Archive: Four Classic Styles of Earrings

April 2002

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Four Classic Styles of Earrings

This is 20th in a series of articles Professional Jeweler is presenting on different styles of jewelry. Learning about different styles, selling points and where they come from can make your job more interesting and profitable


Small, simple shapes such as balls or single stones mounted on posts and worn against the earlobes are called studs. They’re often dressed up with jackets, which essentially are fancy borders.

14k gold three-wall stud earrings have 0.50 carat of diamonds. 14k gold four-leaf clover jackets have 0.25 carat of diamonds. Designs by Joi, New York City; (212) 869-4653, fax (212) 869-8588.


Often larger than studs, button earrings may remind you of a button on clothing with a domed top and flat back.

14k gold button earrings. Erica Jewelry Co., Chesterfield, MO; (800) 447-4894 or (314) 878-4894.


Hoops are a rigid loop that encircle the lobe. Variations include two-toned, plain, twisted, flat and adorned with just about anything.

Sterling silver hoop earrings feature a 14k gold “X” motif. Leonore Doskow Inc., Montrose, NY; (914) 737-1335, fax (914) 737-5049.

Dangles or Drops

Dangle or drop earrings are also called pendant-style earrings. The hanging part can range from a tiny ball to an elaborate shoulder duster.

14k gold drop earrings. Carla Corp., East Providence, RI; (401) 438-7070, fax (401) 438-0455,

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Photos by Robert Weldon.

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