Professional Jeweler Archive: Kids Say the Darndest Things

April 2002


Kids Say the Darndest Things

Gallery of Diamonds has been helping kids tell their moms how much they love them since 1993

When jeweler Michael Watson of Gallery of Diamonds, Costa Mesa, CA, started a Mother’s Day contest in 1993, he was fulfilling a wistful dream. Though adopted as an infant, Watson was searching for his birth mother and dedicated the contest to her as well as to his adoptive mother. He asked local school children to show their appreciation for their moms by writing why they deserved a diamond. The most creative and sincere contestant would receive a quarter-carat diamond.

That first year, 250 children submitted entries. Last year, the contest drew 14,050 entries from students in six states.

Watson gives not only several diamonds but also thousands of amethysts and garnets to second- and third-prize winners. He also publishes a book each year commemorating the children’s tributes, with all proceeds going to the Orange County Public Library System in California. A sampling of the 2001 submissions conveys just how special this contest is.

“My mom is as cautious as a police officer in a high-speed chase. She is as gentle as butterfly, and she is as important as a president.”

“She comforts the lonely. She feeds the hungry. She clothes the naked. A diamond doesn’t fit in her shoes. She deserves respect from mankind. She is my mother.”

“My mom does her best, even if there is no profit. She guides me like the North Star. I wouldn’t be me if it weren’t for her. Thanks, Mom!

“I think my mom deserves a diamond because she’s kind and sweet. She’s loving and caring too! She loves everybody all the time except when they’re bossy and mean.”

“My mom has the most beautiful black eyes. They look like the night sky that makes stars glow bright. Her smile’s like a ripe banana that never turns rotten.”

“She gave birth to me and taught me to love. My mom deserves the world, but for now, a diamond will do.”

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Gallery of Diamonds employees sit among the thousands of entries the store receives for its annual Mother’s Day contest. From left: Carmen Watson, sales consultant; Jo Christian, contest coordinator and design consultant; and Chuong Pham, contest team member.

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