Professional Jeweler Archive: Best-Selling Sterling

April 2002

Precious Metals/New Products

Best-Selling Sterling

The other white metal

Affordable new designs keep sterling silver jewelry popular as the economy begins to pick up steam. To keep sterling interesting and to compete with white gold and platinum, manufacturers are turning their attention to finishes. “Sterling silver with a high-polish finish looks just like white gold. With a brushed finish it imitates platinum,” says Lorraine H. Garvey, vice president of Stahl Designs, Providence, RI. “This gives the consumer the look of the more expensive metals, but at an affordable price.”

The latest designs mix metals with multiple finishes to keep sterling jewelry fashionable. “Basic sterling silver has a shorter shelf-life because people get tired of the same thing over and over,” says Garvey. “However, unique sterling silver lives on and on.”

If designed and manufactured with quality and detail, sterling silver will sell itself. However, a good display won’t hurt your sales effort. Try to create a story around the jewelry and keeping displays minimal; the jewelry doesn’t always have to be on forms – try showing it flat.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Sterling silver lariat and matching earrings feature purple cubic zirconia.

Stahl Design, Providence, RI; (888) 655-6736,

Bracelet on the left is hand-woven sterling silver mesh with 14k gold accents. At right, the bracelet is hand-laced sterling silver chain with flower details and 14k gold accents. Suggested retail, $350 each.

Anatoli, West Hurley, NY; (888) 505-3033 or (845) 334-9000, fax (845) 334-9099,

Sterling silver ball chain necklace and bracelet fasten with a toggle clasp. Suggested retail, $85 for the bracelet, $120 for the necklace.

Leonore Doskow, Montrose, NY; (914) 737-1335, fax (914) 737-5049.

Sterling silver lariat features a brushed/smooth ball slide on a 28-in. snake chain. Suggested retail, $38.

The Cargo Hold Inc., Charleston, SC; (843) 723-3341, fax (843) 722-1377.

This jewelry collection is crafted in .925 sterling silver.

Boma, Renton, WA; (800) 982-9210 or (425) 226-1166, fax (425) 226-2334.

Sterling silver dangle earrings capture the past and the present by combining light filigree with a gemstone accent.

Beaucraft, Providence, RI; (800) 227-2305, fax (401) 461-7799.

Sterling silver tube hoops range from 1 gram to 2.4 grams. Suggested retail, $6 to $13.

Quality Gold Inc., Fairfield, OH; (800) 354-9833 or (513) 942-7659, fax (800) 686-7184 or (513) 682-1100.

Patriotic sterling silver cuff bracelet holds the image of U.S. flag. Add a strip of red, white or blue neoprene for color. Suggested retail, $128.

Silber’s Inc., Houston, TX; (800) SILBERS.

Top sterling chain is a 9mm round cable available in 8 inches for $75 suggested retail or 17 inches for $136. At bottom is a 7.5mm Belcher cable flat wire chain available in 8 inches for $150 or 17 inches for $246.

Stuller Settings Inc., Lafayette, LA; (800) 877-7777, fax (337) 981-1655,,

Sterling silver bracelets show the latest chain styles sporting heart dangles that can be engraved and sized to complement each bracelet.

New England Sterling, Attleboro, MA; (800) 447-5552.

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