Professional Jeweler Archive: New PMC Product Features Simplified Firing Process

April 2002

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New PMC Product Features Simplified Firing Process

PMC3 converts from clay consistency to solid silver at lower temperature

A new version of precious metal clay combines the best properties of the original PMC and PMC+ with a simplified firing process, according to the PMC Guild. “PMC3 is as easy to work with as the other versions, but it is converted from clay consistency to solid silver at under 1,200&Mac251;F,” says CeCe Wire, director of the PMC Guild. “This opens all sorts of doors.”

Tim McCreight, technical adviser to the guild, explains the advantages of the product: “PMC3 offers the widest range of firing options of any silver clay product. Like PMC+, it can be fired in any small kiln with a jeweler’s torch. But because PMC3 fuses about 200&Mac251;F lower than the Plus version, it also can be fired in extremely simple, low-cost furnaces that use solid alcohol as a fuel. The same Sterno we use for camping and chafing dishes has now become a tool in the jewelry studio.”

Juichi Hirasawa of Sanda, Japan, spearheaded development of the product. He shared early experiments with the PMC staff last May and introduced it to the Japanese market in January.

The new product will be sold by Mitsubishi’s two primary distributors in the U.S.: Rio Grande and PMC Connections. Technical information is available at the guild’s Web site, For information on the guild, call (970) 419-5503 or email

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