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April 2002

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All Turquoise

The blue stone shows up everywhere from the Southwest to the Upper East Side

In the fickle world of fashion, trends usually come and go quickly. Not so with turquoise. Top fashion and lifestyle magazines – Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Town & Country – featured the gem and the color itself on editorial pages in their big March fashion issues. In addition, many high-fashion manufacturers of clothing and accessories used turquoise gems and jewelry as colorful accents.

Turquoise began to zoom in popularity a few years ago, but has reached critical mass. A confluence of factors is at work:

  • Western and prairie styles, denim and suede all continue to charm a patriotic post-Sept. 11 audience, and turquoise is the favorite accent for such looks.
  • There’s also a South-of-the-Border influence on pop culture, sure to be helped along by Salma Hayek’s upcoming film on the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who adored big turquoise jewelry. For this look, turquoise is often paired with red and coral.
  • Tom Ford likes it. This influential designer of several high-fashion lines came out with a turquoise-beaded clutch that has driven the gem craze.
  • Hippie looks. The summer of love lives on in peasant blouses and wide-legged hip-huggers. Turquoise suits the organic tone.
  • Beige and white. These two neutrals are wildly popular for spring and summer, and turquoise complements both while looking smashing with sun-kissed skin.

Turquoise jewelry doesn’t have to be big and chunky, a look that may not be suited to most conservative fine jewelry buyers. As Vogue’s page of turquoise rings shows, the gem also can be elegantly ensconced in high-karat gold and surrounded by diamonds.

Turquoise as an accent for red, from Cole Haan.

Tom Ford’s gem-encrusted clutch, seen in Harper’s Bazaar.

Turquoise with white, from Spiegel.

A splash of sleek rings from Vogue.

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