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August 2002

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She Heals Pearls

In necklaces called Magic Pearls®, German designer Gabriele Weinmann brings together the soft glow of pearls and the fiery blaze of opals

‘Pearls are such a wonder of nature,” says designer Gabriele Weinmann of Weinmann+Stapff, Heidelberg, Germany. “Part of me does not want to alter the pearls at all, even when the blemishes or imperfections are evident,” she says. But Weinmann overrides her hesitations, much to the benefit of the pearls.

With surgical precision, Weinmann removes a pearl’s blemish or dimple and in the resulting void inlays glowing Australian opals, framed in high-karat gold. “I saw some unbelievably large Australian pearls at the Basel Show in 1997,” she says. “Almost each individual pearl had an open spot, and that is when the idea came to me – the idea of closing the wound. What we have is a combination of two elements, one from water and the other from the earth.”

At the Tucson gem and mineral shows this year, Weinmann showed some of the pearl necklaces she assembles, which she named Magic Pearls.® Wigbert Stapff, who cuts much of the material used in the designs, aids Weinmann’s endeavors.

Weinmann works primarily with akoya, Australian South Sea and Tahitian cultured pearls. The design repertoire now also includes pearls inlaid with diamonds, plus pendants, earrings and rings designed to include such unusual material as dumortierite, snowflake obsidian, agate, quartz and tourmaline. The designs and blends of color are eye-catching and unique, and the healed pearl strands give women something to turn over in their hands, hoping to catch a flash of opal fire. “It’s the woman wearing them, that really makes the Magic Pearls exciting,” says Weinmann. “Windows of light appear and disappear with each movement. Chance plays a delightful role.”

  • Weinmann+Stapff, Heidelberg, Germany; (49-6221) 473-827,,

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

Magic Pearl necklace and pendant featuring 18k gold with opal and red and green tourmaline inlays sits on a handbag with a long chain of multicolored Tahitian Magic Pearls.

Photo by Fotostudio Miko.

Detail of the Magic Pearl inlays.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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