Professional Jeweler Archive: Rio Grande Offers Wax Routing Bur

August 2002

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Rio Grande Offers Wax Routing Bur

Designed for smooth cuts and faster carving time

The new Matt™ wax routing bur, created for jewelers who take advantage of the smooth, even surface of wax tablets, is designed with three flutes to cut quickly without clogging.

The long-life carbide routing bur is 15mm long, which means it can cut effectively through wax tablets up to 18mm thick. The cutting edge is designed to provide a smooth cut, reduce carving time and ensure design integrity.

Recently introduced precision wax tablets from Matt are manufactured to strict tolerances in thickness and uniformity to lay out designs and patterns for creating larger jewelry.

The bur and wax tablets are available from Rio Grande, Albuquerque,NM; (800) 545-6566 or (505) 839-3011,

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