Professional Jeweler Archive: More DTC Promotion for the Holidays

December 2002


More DTC Promotion for the Holidays

A new television commercial, Seize the Day ads for men and a revamped are among the initiatives

The Diamond Trading Co. increased its 2002 holiday media budget (including ads and public relations) by 14% over last year, the company announced in late October. Diamond promotion will be at levels not seen since 1999, says DTC’s ad agency, J. Walter Thompson.

New TV Commercial

The centerpiece is a new TV spot featuring a couple strolling in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. The man shouts “I love this woman ... I love her. I love her. I love her!” She laughingly implores him to quiet down. Once he’s reeled in, he reaches into his pocket and takes out a three-stone diamond anniversary ring and says, “Well, I guess this will have to do.” As they embrace, the woman whispers, “I love this man ... I love him. I love him. I love him.” The spot, which began airing Nov. 11, closes with the familiar narration “A diamond is forever.”

Seize the Day Ads

JWT also developed new Seize the Day ads to extend the Declaration theme. The ads began appearing in the top 11 U.S. media markets Nov. 1 and will run through Jan. 1 in newspapers and magazines and on billboards. Featuring three-stone diamond rings and diamond stud earrings, the ads include such copy as “It’s Like Saying ‘I Love You’ Through a Megaphone with the Volume Cranked Up to 11,” “Love Is Outperforming Everything This Year,” “She Knows You Love Her. Now Everyone Else Will Too” and “Reduce the English Language to Three Syllables: I. Love. You.”

“With DTC’s television ads, which will be on every major NFL football game from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve and will have aired multiple times during every week from Labor Day through Christmas Eve, and all of our powerful print advertising initiatives, our diamond message will reach a remarkable 97% of affluent men multiple times in multiple mediums,” says Richard Lennox, director in charge of the diamond group at JWT.

DPS Site Remodeling

The Diamond Promotion Service also developed new marketing materials for the Declaration and other DTC themes. The new resources can be found on its Web site,, which was recently rebuilt to include a new home page, improved content, layout and product images, a site-search function, a DPS e-mail newsletter to which the trade can subscribe and a “Get News” section where retailers and manufacturers can find the latest diamond news and issues consumers might be reading about.

In time for the 2002 holidays, includes a new section that includes an overview of the Diamond Trading Co.’s fourth-quarter advertising and marketing programs, including fancy-shape diamonds, three-stone diamond jewelry and diamonds that “make a statement,” as well as free downloadable DPS marketing materials.

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A new Seize the Day ad from DTC.

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