Professional Jeweler Archive: He Moved His Cheese

February 2002


He Moved His Cheese

J. Landau puts consumers first to sell diamonds

Diamond dealer Joe Landau seems to be doing everything right these days. While life for many diamond dealers has been anything but rosy in the past year, with profits squeezed to nearly unbearable percentages, Laundau reported an 87% increase in diamond sales for September-October 2001 vs. the same period of 2000. Repeat orders in the autumn were up too.

“In effect, someone moved our cheese,” says Landau, who realized it while reading Who Moved My Cheese?, the best-seller by Kenneth Blanchard that advises readers to be prepared to find a new way of operating if the fundamentals of life change. For diamond dealers, offering gems on price alone had stopped working.

Thinking Like a Consumer

Landau says his first instinct was to increase consumer trust. He did this by branding the Landau Ideal,™ featuring hearts-and-arrows-caliber cutting for diamonds between 0.33 and 10 carats in colors D through J and clarities IF to SI2.

He also redesigned his widely distributed consumer brochure “Your Guide to the Four C’s.” The new brochure features a hologram that flashes between the table view of a round brilliant diamond and the heart-and-arrows pattern seen only in exceptionally fashioned Ideal-cut diamonds.

Each Landau Ideal diamond includes a grading report from a major laboratory, a registration number on the girdle and a Landau Lumaison,™ a rosewood presentation box that includes a Landau Scope to better view the hearts-and-arrows patterns and a magnification lens to examine the girdle inscription. The package also includes a paid year-long insurance policy. Customers can renew the policy themselves.

Thinking of the Retailer

Landau says his package has a benefit for retailers too – an elegant, value-added extra to offer their customers. Customers not ready to buy can take home the brochure.

J. Landau Inc. also has elegant countertop displays for retailers. The countertop model is designed to display a Landau Lumaison rosewood box and acts as a silent salesperson.

• J. Landau Inc., Los Angeles, CA; (800) 526-3287, www.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

The Landau Lumaison™ value-added package is sold with every branded Landau Ideal diamond.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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