Professional Jeweler Archive: Modified Tweezers

February 2002

Professional Bench/Tool Tips

Modified Tweezers

Here's how to secure a peg head into a shank for torch soldering

After years of soldering peg-style heads into shanks with varying results, Robert Harrison decided he needed a method that would consistently guarantee the final alignment and quality. After some consideration, he came up with the modified tweezers shown here.

Harrison starts with a pair of standard soldering tweezers.

A. First, he splits and spreads one end to provide broad support to hold shanks.

B. Next, he shortens the other side and silver-solders a shortened setting bur on it.

For soldering, Harrison places the peg head into position in the shank. Then, he places the assembly into his modified tweezers, applies light tension to keep the assembly together and performs the soldering – always with predictable results. The setting bur provides a heat sink for prongs, eliminating potential prong meltdown in the process.

By Mark B. Mann, Director of Trade Programs, Jewelers of America

Featured application by JA® Certified Master Bench Jeweler Robert Harrison, Harrison Jewelers, Austin, TX

Photograph is courtesy of Robert Harrison

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