Professional Jeweler Archive: Faces with Features

January 2002

For Your Staff/Selling Watch Styles

Faces with Features

We continue our series devoted to selling different watch types. Learn about the selling points of each of the many dial styles to make your job more interesting and profitable

Power Reserve
A glance at this subdial tells the wearer how much reserve operating power remains in the mainspring. Some displays show hours remaining; some have a colorful symbol that arcs from fully wound to low. This feature is often used with manual-wind models, but is found on the dial of some automatics also.
Selling Points: Useful for customers concerned about running low. Associated with many high-end models.
Check the thin hand over the red arc to see the power reserve on this manual-wind model from Anomino, New York City; (212) 221-7912,

Small Seconds
Instead of the more common centrally mounted seconds hand, this feature shows seconds in a subdial. Doctors often prefer this on a pocket watch when checking a pulse. Once around is one minute.
Selling Points: Used alone on the dial, small seconds are classic and dressy. Common for men’s gold timepieces.
Chopard’s LUC 6.96 for men retains a clean, classic look with its small seconds subdial and date at 6 o’clock. Chopard, New York City; (212) 218-7218,

Second Time Zone
The ability to see the time in another time zone has always been useful – whether for business or pleasure. Some models place a second full dial within the main dial. Others include military time indicators. Here we see a separate central hour hand that can be set to the second time zone.
Selling Points: Ideal for frequent fliers and those who often make long-distance telephone calls.
The Travel Time from Patek Philippe uses a gold hand as its second time zone indicator. Patek Philippe, New York City; (212) 218-1240,

Multiple Hands
This feature combines a single local time dial with other functions, but without subdials or windows. The additional functions are indicated by central hands of varying lengths and colors. Most common versions indicate date, day or second time zone.
Selling Points: Clean look but still with multiple functions. No small dials to decipher. Dressier than standard multifunction watches, which often include digital displays. Also dressier than a chronograph.
This Maurice Lacroix Cinq Aiguilles shows day, date, seconds, minutes and hours – each with a different hand. Maurice Lacroix, Encino, CA; (800) 794-7736,

– by Michael Thompson

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