Professional Jeweler Archive: Jewelry and Watch Ad Trends in 2001

January 2002


Jewelry and Watch Ad Trends in 2001

The holiday season saw a return to simplicity in advertising, with gray-brown shades looking freshest

Black-and-white ads were back in force this fall, displacing the color-suffused ads of Holiday 2000 (Professional Jeweler, March 2001, p. 72). Because most fall ad campaigns were completed before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, it’s unlikely those events influenced this change in direction for jewelry and watch advertisers.

It’s a better bet this simplicity signals a new conservatism appropriate to weaker financial times. Color seems celebratory and fun, but jewelry buyers are more serious now.

So how do the most avant garde advertisers show they’re still fashionable and can venture beyond black and white? The best ads picked up on an apparel trend combining shades of the same color.

Some advertisers used color effectively during Holiday 2001, especially highlighting yellow or tricolored gold. The most prevalent background was a rich, dark red that set off metal-intensive pieces. Muted blues also showed up. And it would be hard to overlook the World Gold Council’s campaign for yellow gold, shot against sun-drenched sand, seashells and other beach ephemera. In another tribute to tonal colors, WGC managed to make gold pop against all these yellow shades.

You can use these national ad campaigns as inspiration when building your image in 2002.

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

Black and White All Over

Diamonds and pearls in black and white were popular during this subdued selling season. So was simple yellow gold. All stood out against a variety of black-and-white backgrounds. Bedat’s steel and diamond watches look rich against simple white, while De Grisogono’s black and white diamond and pearl earrings are highlighted by a patterned background framed in solid black. Chanel’s yellow gold bracelet against black reacquaints women with choosing yellow gold for their basic black wardrobe.

The Gray/Brown/Black Layered Thing

It’s no surprise that four of the most sophisticated advertisers in the jewelry world were also responsible for some of the most striking ads of the 2001 holiday season. The ads complement the move toward clothing in simple, tonal colors. David Yurman introduced brown backgrounds to some of his new black-and-white ads for a nice change in late-season ads. Damiani ran its trademark brown next to a black-clad Nastassja Kinski modeling the jeweler’s Belle Epoque collection. H. Stern blended gray and brown in light and shadow to highlight a muted jeweled creation. Cartier lightened color at the edges of its dark gray background for two diamond-intensive bracelets.

Highlighting Gold

There was color in some holiday ads, especially when gold jewelry was featured. Roberto Coin chose a tomato-soup red to highlight his bracelets in three shades of gold, as did several other gold purveyors. Fope and a few other watch and jewelry advertisers opted for muted blue. The World Gold Council stayed true to gold with its golden ads. This one featured a necklace and bracelet by Robert Lee Morris.

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