Professional Jeweler Archive: New Book Discusses Platinum Benchwork

January 2002

Professional Bench/Education

New Book Discusses Platinum Benchwork

Resource offers step-by-step lessons and other aids

In step with increased demand for platinum jewelry, The Platinum Bench is filled with numerous techniques and tips for common – and not-so-common – platinum repair and fabrication projects.

The new book was produced by Jurgen J. Maerz, director of technical education for Platinum Guild International USA, and Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America. It offers 17 step-by-step lessons, from ring sizing to creating platinum bands with 18k gold inlay. The book, which has more than 200 photos, also contains an overview of platinum alloys, including their compositions and uses; a guide to platinum casting for small shop operations; and resources for tools, alloys and other supplies for platinum work.

Maerz is a veteran of the jewelry industry since 1961 and is the fourth jeweler in the U.S. to earn the JA® Certified Bench Jeweler™ designation. He has taught seminars on platinum in the U.S., South Africa and Great Britain.

The Platinum Bench costs $22.95 and is available through MJSA at (800) 444-6572 or (401) 274-3840. MJSA members may buy it at a discounted price of $18.95.

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