Professional Jeweler Archive: Champagne Diamonds Stage a Comeback

June 2002


Champagne Diamonds® Stage a Comeback

A new report says consumers are more aware diamonds come in many colors, so Argyle is promoting brown again

To gauge consumers’ awareness of colored diamonds, Argyle Diamonds of Australia commissioned consumer research by MVI Marketing’s Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council. The study, conducted in January 2002, featured a statistically valid sample of U.S. fine jewelry consumers. The Argyle mine is the world’s leading source of natural color brown diamonds and others, such as pinks.

The study found 74% of respondents are familiar with natural color diamonds, and 23% knew what champagne diamonds were.

The study asked respondents specific questions about champagne diamonds. A majority said the quality, value and rarity of these gems is equal to or greater than colorless diamonds. Overwhelmingly, respondents said such gems aren’t available in most stores and that sales associates don’t know as much about champagne diamonds as colorless ones.

About 75% said champagne diamonds are desirable, while 45% believe they would buy champagne diamonds for themselves. When only women were taken into account, 52% said they would buy champagne diamonds for themselves.

A quarter of respondents said they would be interested in buying champagne diamonds within the next 12 months, with the most likely purchase being a fashion ring in the $100-$500 suggested retail range

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