Professional Jeweler Archive: Well Rounded

June 2002

Diamonds/New Products

Well Rounded

The round diamond is still the hottest thing going

A well cut round diamond is resplendent with dispersion, scintillation and brilliance. With creative advertising and the economy slowly gaining strength, consumers may soon turn toward diamonds that are a bit larger and higher in quality.

Apparel trends call for simple jewelry that won’t fight for attention. So consumers are looking for simple diamond stud earrings, solitaire pendants and three-stone jewelry. Designs are clean and simple; settings are minimal so the diamond is the focus.

Go beyond the 4C’s when selling diamond jewelry. Talk about the joy she’ll feel when she receives the gift, the pleasure he’ll get from selecting and giving it. And drive home that it represents their love. This isn’t an appliance – it’s a beautiful symbol of the heart.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

18k white gold necklace features 1.25 to 1.50 carats of Ideal-cut round diamonds.

Ernest Slotar Inc., Chicago, IL; (312) 236-7351, fax (312) 236-6456.

14k white gold earrings are set with 0.50 carat of diamonds and is $550 suggested retail. The pendant has 0.25 carat of diamonds and is $450.

Jewel Trends, a division of Christian Bernard, Secaucus, NJ; (201) 271-7813, fax (201) 271-7817.

Black and white pavé diamond jewelry is from the Victorian Collection.

Tech Line Jewelry Corp., Los Angeles, CA; (800) 466-0656 or (213) 622-0656, fax (213) 622-1373,

18k white gold rings are from the One Diamond, Two Hearts Forever collection. The small heart beneath the diamond is pavé; the center diamond is about 1.0 carat, H/SI1. Suggested retail, $9,725.

Cornelis Hollander Designs Inc., Scottsdale, AZ; (480) 941-1136, fax (480) 994-5932,,

18k gold and platinum three-stone ring is $24,000 retail.

The Rothenberg Collection, Van Nuys, CA; (818) 786-7512, fax (818) 786-7513.

Platinum rings each feature a round center diamond surrounded by pavé. Each has a platinum fitted guard band.
Chris Correia Collection Corp.,

New York City; (212) 695-4711, fax (212) 564-2477,

14k gold ring is set with 0.50 carat of round and baguette diamonds. Keystone, $549.

Plainville Stock Co., Plainville, MA; (800) 343-2112,

14k yellow and white gold pendants feature round brilliant diamonds from 0.12 to 3.0 carats. Suggested retail, $350-$5,000.

Dangler Studios, Sarasota, FL; (941) 957-4949, fax (941) 957-4948.

14k initial pendants are $198 keystone.

Leo Frank & Sons, Troy, MI; (800) 934-3900, fax (248) 689-7716.

Platinum and 24k gold “Dew Drops” necklace is set with 0.33 carat of diamonds and is $2,900 suggested retail; matching earrings have 0.87 carat of diamonds and are $6,100.

Judith Conway, Windsor, CA; (707) 838-8760, fax (707) 838-8765.

18k white gold wind chimes pendant and earrings are also available in two-tone. Suggested retail, $2,895-$5,900.

Cordova Inc., Flushing, NY; (800) 221-0744, fax (888) Fax-Diam.

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