Professional Jeweler Archive: Color Pedigree

June 2002

Color Pedigree

Color Pedigree

Color Craft introduces certificates to bolster buyer confidence

Color is the first thing that attracts customers to gemstone jewelry, but knowledge is important also. In fact, sales associates can endanger a sale if they’re not versed in the complex world of colored gems. To avert that situation, Color Craft, a colored gem jewelry manufacturer in New York City, has developed a certificate program that gauges gemstones by color, transparency, species, variety, cut, shape, weight and enhancement.

The “Certified Color” program, which uses certificates issued by the American Gem Trade Association Gemological Testing Center, will be launched at the JCK Show in Las Vegas in June. The program will start with rings featuring a single ruby, emerald or sapphire with diamond accents retailing for $2,000-$5,000, says General Manager Bill Jobbins.

The gemstones will be certified, the diamonds won’t – sending a message that with this jewelry, it’s the color that matters. “The perception has always been that diamonds are the only rare and certifiable gemstone in the gemstone universe,” says Jobbins. “But good color is rarer than diamonds.” Eventually, Color Craft will expand the program to include other gemstone jewelry.

“After careful study, it became very apparent true top-quality precious gemstones have a greater need for the certification process,” says Jobbins. In the retail setting, customers are often unnerved by a lack of hard information about expensive colored gemstones vs. the information available for diamonds. Customers wonder whether the gems are treated, how much they weigh and where they fall in a color range he says. With the Color Craft program, they’ll know.

• Color Craft, New York City; (212) 840-1924.

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

Ruby, emerald and sapphire rings from Color Craft’s Certified Color program.

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