Professional Jeweler Archive: Lively Angle

March 2002


Lively Angle

C&K Nissenbaum's NissenCut™ is an old-fashioned square

Chaim Nissenbaum of C&K Nissenbaum, New York City, has high hopes for the new NissenCut, a diamond design with fewer facets than a princess cut – just 24. “I liked it immediately for its antique look and appeal, its brilliance and how the table of the stone is placed at an angle that you don’t quite expect,” he says. “I saw the design while on a buying trip to India and obtained an exclusive agreement as sole distributor.”

Nissenbaum test-marketed the cut this Christmas. “We made crosses and they just flew out of the stores,” Nissenbaum says. “I will gradually wind down traditional cuts and use the NissenCut in my whole line of jewelry.” Nissenbaum, who specializes in American-made jewelry for higher-end retailers, says the cut is good for traditional settings as well as channel or invisible setting.

Nissenbaum also manufactures high-end colored gemstone jewelry. He hopes to apply the NissenCut to colored gemstones also, achieving a branded look that will distinguish his jewelry from other lines and give retailers unique jewelry to offer to sophisticated customers.

Spreading the Word

To promote the line, Nissenbaum will highlight the NissenCut in his catalogs, which are shipped to some 24,000 retailers. He also sends cards to jewelers and is building a Web site that will allow jewelers to show their customers 3-D representations of special items in his jewelry line.

  • C&K Nissenbaum, New York City; (800) 421-6280 or (212) 869-7646,
The NissenCut™ is courtesy of C&K Nissbaum.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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