Professional Jeweler Archive: Two of a Kind

March 2002


Two of a Kind

David Levy specializes in cutting perfectly matched diamond pairs

As consumers grow more sophisticated and more jewelers seek unique merchandise to offer, perfectly matched diamond pairs have become a big business for David Levy Diamonds & Fine Jewels, New York City.

Contributing to the demand is the Diamond Trading Co. ad campaign for three-stone rings, in which at least two of the diamonds should match perfectly. “People are also attracted to symmetry and elegance,” says David Levy. “Our cutting fits those needs by being perfectly aimed at high-end jewelry stores.”

Specialty Cuts

Levy can provide perfectly matched rounds, ovals, pears or trilliants from 0.10 to 1.50 carats, but his clients also show an appreciation for more unusual shapes. Half-moon cuts, for example, have one side curved and one flat; they’re ideal nestled up to a center stone with flat sides. However, half-moons don’t work as well with a rounded center stone, so Levy’s cutters create a modification called Le Lune that fits well on either side of round or oval gems.

Levy has brought back an older triangular cut, the Pas Triangle, a step-cut modified for greater light return. “The Pas Triangle has a built-up crown and more depth in the pavilion,” he says. “This gives it more life and no window effect.”

The new interest in old cuts has also brought back the Carré, a square step-cut. “The Carré has a different kind of appeal, a different elegance than the princess cut,” he says. “It may not be as brilliant, but it has a quiet elegance. It may not be as attractive to a 22-year-old woman, but a 40-year-old will stop and look immediately.”

  • David Levy Diamonds and Fine Jewels Inc. New York City; (866) 398-8952,

– by Robert Weldon , G.G.

David Levy’s perfectly matched pairs come in fancy shapes such as the Pas Triangle, a step-cut modified for greater light return.
Levy’s Le Lune diamonds fit well beside round or oval center stones. Photos courtesy of David Levy.

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