Professional Jeweler Archive: The Match Game

March 2002


The Match Game

K&D Diamonds can match large numbers of diamonds quickly

Your favorite customer informs you her husband just conceded to her principal wish in life: a necklace with 22 matching 1-ct. oval diamonds – high in color and clarity.

Catching your breath, you realize such an outlandish (and lucrative) request can be fulfilled at K&D Diamonds Inc., New York City. You dial the toll-free number and the order is filled right away.

“It’s not uncommon for us to get large orders of that kind,” says Aaron Klein, a third generation diamantaire and partner in the company. He says one of his company’s specialties is matching large collections of diamonds. Normally, a jeweler could spend hours on the phone trying to get an assortment of ovals sent from a variety of sources. “We’ve got an inventory of over 4,000 diamonds to choose from,” he says. He says he knows how to use that inventory to meet retailers’ and manufacturers’ needs because he once worked as a diamond cutter. That experience allows him to be sensitive to their requests, while also knowing what it takes to get an order filled – including a request for 22 matching ovals.

Klein says he also has strengthened his company’s line of round cuts and developed a larger assortment of fancy cuts. “We also specialize in side stones in the 0.10-0.80-ct. range. We can mount diamonds in designed pieces if the jeweler wishes, or we simply make them available loose. Our aim is to make the buying experience comfortable for our customers by not making them go to several different sources to get the center stone and the side stones.”

K&D takes orders via a password-protected Web site and has a line of finished jewelry for retail customers who need an item quickly or prefer not to set it themselves.

  • K&D Diamonds, New York City; (877) 869-0811, www.
K&D Diamonds offers matching assortments in all shapes and sizes. Diamonds courtesy of K&D Diamonds Inc.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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