Professional Jeweler Archive: Dream Weavers

March 2002

Diamonds/New Products

Dream Weavers

A timeless, elegant take on texture

What’s more Classic than accenting fine woven apparel with diamond-studded jewelry in basketweave, checkerboard and similar patterns? “Consumers are attracted to this design element because it’s textural and warm,” says Margaret DeYoung of Ernest Slotar, Chicago, IL. “Diamonds that appear woven, like fabric, give the comfortable feel of having clothes on.”

If you’re stumped on display ideas, hook a basketweave pin on a real basket with a similar weave (use a basket lighter or darker than the bracelet so they don’t blend together). Hang a checkerboard behind a checkerboard-design pin. Or clip woven earrings to a heavily textured scarf for an eye-catching display.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Platinum and diamond bracelet is from the Rapunzel collection.

Rudolf Erdel Platinum, New York City; (917) 493-1086, fax (917) 493-1091.

Classic white-on-white rings are set with diamonds from top to bottom.

Aaron Basha, New York City; (212) 935-1960.

18k gold and platinum brooch has intertwining strands featuring 3.49 carats of white diamonds and 3.53 carats of fancy yellow diamonds. Suggested retail, $42,000.

Oscar Heyman & Bros. Inc., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.

18k white gold, necklace features 1.15 carats of round and princess-cut diamonds ($4,560 suggested retail). The earrings have 1.42 carats of round diamonds ($5,990).

Peter Storm Designs, Belmont, CA; (650) 341-8717, fax (650) 341-8719.

18k white gold ring features 2.60 carats of round diamonds and is $12,000 suggested retail.

Piaget, New York City; (212) 355-6444, fax (212) 909-4332.

18k white gold necklace has 8.91 carats of full-cut diamonds and is $19,800 keystone.

Ernest Slotar Inc., Chicago, IL; (312) 236-7351, fax (312) 236-6456.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

18k white gold ring is set with 0.57 carat of diamonds and retails for $3,443.

Alfieri & St. John, Valenza, Italy; In the US, (888) 768-4953, fax (631) 261-6279.

Jewelry suite features diamond patterns set on hand-fabricated interwoven chain. Available in 18k white or yellow gold. Suggested retail, $2,150 (bracelet) or $3,650 (necklace).

Alisa, Manalapan, NJ; (888) 253-6600, fax (732) 723-1812.

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