Professional Jeweler Archive: You've Got the Look

March 2002


You've Got the Look

How you create your store's image including the packaging and displays adds value to your business. Here are some of the latest image-making products for jewelers

Exceptional selling skills and quality jewelry are just the beginning. Packaging, display and your overall image complete the picture of a successful, well-run jewelry store. In fact, retailing experts say one of the strongest elements of the shopping experience is the visual presentation of merchandise.

Display professionals say the latest trends are eye-level cases with wood finishes and a shift from white to more natural colors, including off-white, beige and gray with wood or custom color trim. Frosted acrylic adds a fresh look and accents the showcase without overpowering the display merchandise, they add. Cases with parts that move also catch attention and pull customers in toward the jewelry.

The trends for display cases have carried over to in-case display pieces as well. One popular example: white Leatherette with wood accents.

Lighting is whiter than ever, thanks to metal halide bulbs, which are designed to replicate natural daylight without the high amount of red, orange and yellow light in halogen bulbs.

In packaging, vivid colors such as red and blue rule, along with glass-like acrylic textures. For special gifts, jewelry boxes with roses and gift-box-style bows made entirely of porcelain are popular.

Check out the products in this gallery and plan how to add value to your jewelry with eye-catching presentations.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

Leatherette window display set with mahogany accents comprises a four-piece riser and all components shown.

Redbox, division of Rocket Jewelry Box Inc., Los Angeles, CA; (213) 389-9009, fax (213) 389-9077.

Matrix merchandising window system retails for $135.

Chippenhook, Dallas, TX; (800) 527-5866, fax (972) 539-1475.

Heritage charm tower features wood craftsmanship. Suggested retail, $3,795.

Rembrandt Charms, Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840 or (716) 633-2450, fax (800) 828-7811,

One of many styles of watch and jewelry cases for storage and travel.

Pacific Northern Inc., Carrollton, TX; (888) 888-5868 or (972)512-9000, fax (972)512-9002,

Pearl Leatherette set has walnut-colored wood accents and comprises a four-piece riser and all components shown.

Redbox, division of Rocket Jewelry Box, Los Angeles, CA; (213) 389-9009, fax (213) 389-9077.

Multitiered window display with a sign-holder is crafted in a suede-like material accented with wood-tone veneer.

Pacific Northern Inc., Carrollton, TX; (888) 888-5868 or (972)512-9000, fax (972)512-9002,

Paperboard boxes come with a set-up lid topped by a satin bow. The base folds out flat, and the interior is lined with satin.

Stuller, Lafayette, LA; (800) 877-7777, fax (337-981-1655,,

Pedestal case is available in black, white, gray, light cherry, rosewood, gold, silver and pearwood. It’s 20 by 20 by 66 inches. Suggested retail, $850-$1,075.

Tecno Display Inc., Brisbane, CA; (415) 468-6766, fax (415) 468-2554.

Custom display units are designed and created for all occasions.

Gerald Fried Packaging and Display Co. Inc., Tonawanda, NY; (800) 828-7701, fax (716) 692-5458,

This custom light box from a modular kiosk series features five cabinets, one privacy gate and one light box. Each can be arranged into five easy configurations.

Walls + Forms, Dallas, TX; (972) 980-7320, fax (972) 980-8424,,

Etched glass nameplates, signs and awards are available in many shapes and sizes in jade or crystal. Etching can be frosted or color-filled and can match any font style or logo.

Mila Displays Inc., Hewlett, NY; (800) 295-MILA or (516) 791-2643, fax (516) 791-2431.

Use these new ring displays to create a sense of movement. Mix, match and change displays often to keep presentations looking fresh. Black velvet covers curved wood and cardboard bases and wood finger-shaped displays.

Rio Grande, Albuquerque,NM; (505) 839-3000, fax (505) 839-3001.

Continuous 360&Mac251; rotation creates eye-catching appeal in this battery-powered display. White faux leather over plastic.

Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM; (505) 839-3000 fax (505) 839-3001.

Prima contoured necklace displays come in frosted and black versions. Vary the look of the frosted version by placing colorful tissue paper behind it. Made of heavy-formed acrylic.

Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM; (505) 839-3000 fax (505) 839-3001.

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