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March 2002

Gemstones & Pearls/New Products

Tone Up

Gems of similar colors team up to tell a story

Mixed shades in the same color family can appeal to your customers on different levels. A mixture of iolite, tanzanite and amethyst might suggest the icy chill of a winter ocean. A partnership of natural spinel, rhodolite garnet and pink tourmaline may bring to mind a hazy sunset after a midsummer rain. Citrine and hessonite garnet can be a radiant reminder of a mountain sunrise.

For customers whose feet are planted more firmly on the ground, different shades of a color define highlights and add depth to a jewelry design.

“Gemstones that offer a wide tonal range are very salable,” says Molly Hollingsworth, designer/owner of Clauss-Hollingsworth Studios, Youngsville, NC. A range of color draws the gaze along the piece of jewelry and makes matching it to clothing easier than when there’s only one tone.

In the showcase, group similar colors together on neutral backgrounds so the only shades your customers notice are those of the gems.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P

From pink to purple, this suite from the Bata Lava collection features amethyst, rhodolite and pink tourmaline in sterling silver accented with 18k gold. Suggested retail, $395-$1,200.

John Hardy Collection, New York City; (212) 696-9292, fax (212) 213-5494.

Orchid necklace has 5.05 carats of boulder opal in granulated 22k gold on a strand of faceted apatite beads. Suggested retail, $2,650.

Zaffiro, Portland, OR; (503) 236-6735,

18k gold earrings are bezel-set with boulder opal on ironstone, aquamarine, pearls and removable tourmaline briolette drops. Suggested retail, $1,875.

Janis Kerman Design, Westmount, Quebec, Canada; (514) 931-3852.

18k gold ring is set with 0.92 carat of garnets ranging from light yellow to deep orange and 0.21 carat of diamonds. Suggested retail, $2,795.

Sholdt Design, Seattle, WA; (206) 623-2334, fax (206) 682-6204.

Forged 14k gold pendant is set with hessonite garnet in a handmade bezel and accented with a freshwater pearl. Suggested retail $450.

Clauss-Hollingsworth Studios, Youngsville, NC; (919) 562-5195.

Photo by Ralph Gabriner.

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