Professional Jeweler Archive: Bigger Is Always Better

March 2002


Bigger Is Always Better

You can lure customers to buy bigger diamonds

‘As Your Love Grows, So Should the Size of Your Diamond.” That’s the theme of a new program by Isaac Klein Inc., New York City, to remind birthday and anniversary gift shoppers to buy larger diamonds by trading in or trading up.

“Many a man has proposed with a diamond that was smaller and of lesser quality than he [or his spouse] would have liked, but it was all he could afford at the time,” says Philip Klein of Isaac Klein Inc., a Diamond Trading Co. client with over 50 years of experience in cutting diamonds in all shapes and finer makes of 2 carats and up. “With the house paid for, kids finished with college and a diversified investment portfolio, now he might be ready to surprise his beloved with the diamond she’s always dreamed of.”

To let customers know how easy it is, Klein’s program features a six-panel package that describes diamond quality. Two panels can be customized with, for example, a congratulatory message about an anniversary, an invitation to a store event, gift certificates or incentives to turn unwanted jewelry into newly designed and remounted treasures. It also includes faux diamonds in 1-, 2- and 3-ct. sizes and a mounting to try them on.

You should mail the package one to two weeks before the customer’s birthday or anniversary to garner attention, stimulate thoughts of bigger diamonds and trigger three-stone diamond jewelry sales. Kits can be customized with your name.

  • Isaac Klein Inc., New York City; (800) 939-1880,

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